Vision Quest Advisors

Providing a gender equity and management/labour perspective.

Why mediate or facilitate conflict resolution? 

  • Communication has broken down! 
  • A mediator/facilitator assists all parties in having a difficult conversation in a safe environment.
  • Addresses hostile work environments, anger management issues, harassment, etc.
  • A harassment investigation surrenders the decision-making power to the employer/investigator whereas the facilitated parties have a say in how to work together more effectively!

What are the benefits of Mediation?

  • The mediator/facilitator assists the parties in arriving at a mutually agreed-to resolution.
  • A respectful environment is provided.
  • Promotes communication and cooperation.
  • Involves only those who are directly involved.

As an employer, what are the benefits?

  • It requires less monitoring time by the employer thus cost-effective!
  • The resolution is developed by both parties and therefore have an invested interest in making it work.
  • Reduces further conflict/divisiveness within the department; even more so if addressed early.
  • Is confidential, thus protecting the organization’s public image.

Why use Vision Quest Advisors?

  • Experienced mediators,
  • Trained in a variety of personality theories, and
  • Educated in Labour Law/Criminal Code, which enhances the mediation/conflict resolution process.

Family Disputes/Common-Law Agreements/Divorce?

  • Cost effective compared to involving lawyers or the courts.
  • The process can be mediated over a much shorter period of time.
  • A respectful, safe environment is maintained.