Vision Quest Advisors

Providing a gender equity and management/labour perspective.

Vision Quest Advisors offers provincial accreditation upon completion of Security Guard training for aboriginal and non-aboriginal businesses.

All Security Guards are required to be licensed under provincial legislation in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

You require a 40 hour (5 days) mandatory government course from an “Approved Trainer” and must pass a provincial exam on the 5th day to acquire your Security Guard certification.

Vision Quest Advisors is an approved Security Guard Course Provider:

  • for Saskatchewan #CP 65,
  • for Manitoba File #325-PR and
  • for Alberta #AT000075.

The Security Guard course provides the basic training in:

  • Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities
  • How to Maintain Professionalism
  • Crowd Control Techniques
  • Searches and Powers of Arrest
  • Understanding the Criminal Code that applies to Security Officers
  • Understanding the different types of Controlling Access/Egress to Private Property
  • Traffic Control
  • Note Taking; Writing of Reports
  • Protecting Evidence
  • Responding to Fire, and Bomb Threats
  • Conducting an Evacuation
  • Handling Labour Disputes
  • Preparing Yourself in Presenting Evidence in Court
  • Gangs (in Saskatchewan course only).

Vision Quest Advisors travels to your location to conduct the training.  Give us a call or email us for more information!