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Providing a gender equity and management/labour perspective.





Relationship Blue:    “Let’s get along.”

Conceptual Green:    “Let me think about it.”

Action Red:                “Let’s just do it!”

Organized Yellow:     “Let’s get organized.”

Intrigued?     Read on……


ColourSpectrums is a personality styles and human communications model presented to groups in an entertaining, interactive workshop format.

ColourSpectrums creates a positive atmosphere of discovery that includes self-reflection, dialogue, group discussions and activities that celebrate diverse personality strengths and human potential.

The magical language of ColourSpectrums enhances self-esteem and team-esteem. Instead of viewing certain behaviors as irritants, you develop a respect for their differences. 


ColourSpectrums incorporates insights (ah-ha learning) and humour (ha-ha learning) with practical applications for dynamic change. You gain insight into what causes stress and how to manage stress.

Diverse applications include:

            Self Esteem                            TeamBuilding

            Teaching Styles                      Learning Styles

            Parenting Styles                     Marketing

            Stress Management                Customer Service

            Employee Styles                     Career Counselling

            Family Dynamics                   Personal Counselling

            Interpersonal Skills

ColourSpectrums is a combination of the 4 classic personality dimensions described by Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, David Keirsey and others.  It is a human communications tool that is easily applied to all environments.